UK-based Affiliate Future claims 600+ advertisers and 300,000+ publishers. FMTC is fully integrated with Affiliate Future. According to Crunchbase, AF was founded in 2002 by Syed Uddin. AF is a part of Global Data Plc.

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FMTC Integration Status

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Finding your Network ID

  • Log into Affiliate Future

  • In the Upper Right-hand corner you will see “Your Affiliate ID is” followed by your Network ID.

Link Structures

Last Updated: 01/21/2021
For questions and additional information, please contact the network.


For more information, please visit How do I create a Deeplink? : Affiliate Future Helpdesk (freshdesk.com).

URL Structures

For all links here, across all networks, the "%" is a placeholder, matching 0 or more characters. It's typically the value of a URL parameter, and is also used in "http%://" to indicate that both "http" and "https" are possible.


Note: The examples below have not been confirmed, so they may not accurately reflect all supported network link structures. Please contact the network for more details and information.




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