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Change Log - v3 (Beta)


Update the format of the parameters code_verified_at and link_verified_at to properly be in UTC format.


Updated the definition of the sincedate parameter to be more clear on what is will be returning if provided.


Added in the coupon_code_on_page parameter for knowing when FMTC has possibly detected the code on the landing page.

Added in the code_verified_at parameter for knowing when FMTC has verified the code.


Added in the link_verified_at parameter for knowing when FMTC has verified the link.


Updated the page_size paramter for the Deals - v3 (Beta) Feed to accept a size of 150,000 deals in a single call.


Initial release of the v3 Deals and Deals Merchants endpoints. Deals - v3 (Beta) Merchants - v3 (Beta)

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