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How can FreshReach® help you?

  • FreshReach® is our sub-affiliate program that we offer to publishers who do not have a direct relationship with the merchants. It allows you to monetize links on your site without having to worry about signing up for and managing merchant affiliate programs. It's designed to allow a scalable solution for a publisher prior to you having your own merchant relationships.

  • Coupon, deal, shopping comparison and content publishers as well as mobile platforms most often apply to partner with FreshReach® as a stopgap or complementary monetization platform integrated within our subscription-based API feeds, allowing for a frictionless and scalable solution to promote offers and products from thousands of merchants across the US, Canada, UK, and Australia.

  • As a trusted and award-winning partner in the affiliate ecosystem, we hold our publisher partners to compliance policies commonly reflected in network and merchant terms. In partnership with Trackonomics ( ), we offer end-to-end transparency to ensure our efforts align with those of our network and merchant partners.

Unlike traditional “sub-affiliate” partnerships, we view the direct relationship with a merchant (through an affiliate network) as the Holy Grail. As previously mentioned, FreshReach® was created (in spirit) to allow publishers a scalable solution – not the solution – to work with FMTC. The FMTC platform since it’s inception has been designed to support the ‘direct’ relationship first and foremost and then alternate monetization platforms. FMTC Merchant Sync allows for the dynamic link change from FreshReach® to the publisher’s network link once approval into your program is confirmed. It’s really that simple.

If you’d like more details or need assistance, have questions, or would like to get this turned on in your existing subscriber account, please reach out to

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