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When you use FMTC's MerchantSync tool, you don't have to add and remove merchants from your FMTC feed. Simply join programs at the networks and we will automatically add the ones you are approved for to your feed. If a program goes offline or terminates your relationship, we can automatically remove that program from your feed. If there are programs you never want added or never want removed, you can control that, too!

General Settings Tab:

To enable MerchantSync, next to "Sync network relationships with FMTC", click the "Off" button so that it says "On".

If you would like email reports of actions MerchantSync has taken, provide us with an email address. These are sent after MerchantSync has run, either daily or weekly, depending on when you schedule Sync.

MerchantSync runs daily and you can select the hour of the day for it to run.

Network Tabs:





Commission Junction


Rakuten Marketing










AvantLink Canada


AvantLink Australia






Affiliate Window


Commission Factory

In order to access your relationship statuses, we need your network API keys. For each network on Merchant Sync, we have provided a link to the page closest to where you can get that info from the network. Once you have entered the API Key, click the "Test" button to verify it works. If you see a message that tells you the API Key is OK, click the Save button. If you see an error message, there is something wrong with the API Key. Make sure you have the correct value and try again.

Special Instructions for Webgains

Webgains uses a username & password to access the API. To set-up Merchant Sync for Webgains:

  1. In Webgains, go to Account > Manage Users

  2. Create a new user with the username specified in your Webgains (WG) Merchant Sync tab (begins with fmtcsync)

  3. Set the Contact type to Technical and the Default level to Viewer

  4. Choose whatever password you'd like

  5. Save the new user at Webgains

  6. Enter the same password in your Merchant Sync tab for Webgains (WG)

Special Instructions for Affiliate Window

Affiliate Window needs to manually add a value to your account for this service. Email Jeannine Crooks to get your Affiliate API Password set in your account, then you can click here to get your API Password.

Affiliate API Password is between ProductServe API and API Key in Settings > Manage API Credentials

"Automatically Add Merchants" will automatically add a merchant to your FMTC account (provided that merchant is supported by FMTC) once you are approved for the program at the network.

"Automatically Remove Merchants" will automatically remove a merchant from your FMTC account if no relationship is detected at the network. This can happen when you terminate your relationship with the merchant, the merchant terminates you, or the merchant goes offline at the network.

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