Tap into structured product data, and grow your monetization!

  • Create powerful product discovery on your site, with the ability to search by merchant, brand, category, or a specific item.

  • Let your users compare products, prices, and deals across different merchants, brands, and consumer categories.

  • Overlay your published deal content on top of a list of a merchant’s (or many merchants’) products.

  • Diversify product links away from Amazon.

  • Curate relevant, compelling products for your specific niche audience.

  • What else could you build with structured product data from merchants? Find myriad, creative new ways to grow your publishing business!

Technical Features:

  • Enable the Product Feed right from your FMTC account and access by API.

  • When you add Product Feeds, we’ll automatically add product data to your account based on your existing affiliate relationships, including dynamically populated, trackable affiliate links.

  • FMTC provides a clean, structured product feed.

  • Product feed data includes fields for product name, brand name, merchant, description, price, image, product SKU, and product URL.