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Tradedoubler UK


Founded in Sweden in 1999, Tradedoubler is a global affiliate marketing network with 20 years of
expertise in digital marketing innovation. Tradedoubler’s market leading technology platform
provides tailored performance solutions based on an advertisers exact needs – all over the world!
Tradedoubler empowers 2,000+ advertisers & 180,000+ active publishers to grow their business with
world-class performance marketing and technology solutions.

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Link Structures

Last Updated: 09/12/2022
For questions and additional information, please contact the network.

URL Structures

For all links here, across all networks, the "%" is a placeholder, matching 0 or more characters. It's typically the value of a URL parameter, and is also used in "http%://" to indicate that both "http" and "https" are possible.

Tradedoubler uses bits of code called “click trackers” that are implemented on publisher sites to
track user clicks and forward the user to the intended client homepage/product pages.

  • Program ID (p) identifies the specific Tradedoubler Program that is being tracked against.

  • Site ID (a) is a unique identifier that ensures that valid clicks, leads and sales are attributed to your
    publisher site.

  • The Ad ID (g) identifies if any Tradedoubler ads were used for the click.

  • The Program and Site ID are mandatory values and must have the correct IDs in order to
    successfully track. The Ad ID is optional but recommended where appropriate (for more detailed



Link Structure


Standard Text Link / Banner

Standard Format:

Parenthesis Format:

The standard format uses & and = to split parameter values, however if preferred you can use ( ) for the click tracker parameters.

It is not advised to combine the two different formats.

Deep Link


If the click tracker needs to redirect the user to a specific page (such as promoting a particular
product) then a deeplink can be added to the click tracker using the “url=” parameter.

Product Feed



Image Link from Javascript URL

Additional Resources

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