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Deal Feed - v2 (Legacy)

Explore the v2 (Legacy) API Documentation for the endpoints available from FMTC. Please refer any general questions regarding the API Endpoints and/or this documentation to your Account Manager or

Subscription: FMTC Deal Feed

Endpoint to receive deals, either normalized or raw.

Deals - v2 (Legacy)

Endpoint to receive all the deal types.

Types - v2 (Legacy)

Endpoint to receive detailed information about changes to a particular deal.

Changes - v2 (Legacy)

Endpoint to receive merchant information.

Merchants - v2 (Legacy)

Endpoint to receive logos for the merchants.

Logos - v2 (Legacy)

Endpoint to receive the network information.

Network - v2 (Legacy)

Endpoint to receive the category information.

Categories - v2 (Legacy)

Change Log

Log of all notable changes made to the FMTC API. This will include changes such as bug fixes, new features, and enhancements to the software.

Change Log - v2 (Legacy)

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