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Deal Feed - v2 (Legacy)

Explore the v2 (Legacy) API Documentation for the endpoints available from FMTC. Please refer any general questions regarding the API Endpoints and/or this documentation to your Account Manager or

Subscription: FMTC Deal Feed

Deals - v2 (Legacy)

Endpoint to receive deals, either normalized or raw.

Types - v2 (Legacy)

Endpoint to receive all the deal types.

Changes - v2 (Legacy)

Endpoint to receive detailed information about changes to a particular deal.

Merchants - v2 (Legacy)

Endpoint to receive merchant information.

Logos - v2 (Legacy)

Endpoint to receive logos for the merchants.

Network - v2 (Legacy)

Endpoint to receive the network information.

Categories - v2 (Legacy)

Endpoint to receive the category information.

Change Log

Log of all notable changes made to the FMTC API. This will include changes such as bug fixes, new features, and enhancements to the software.

Change Log - v2 (Legacy)

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