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What You Can Do in the Program Directory

The Program Directory is a great tool for you as an affiliate, so be sure to use all the features we provide in both the free and paid versions.

Finding Programs

We know you are constantly looking for new programs to join and products to promote. You may only want to join programs for your particular niche or maybe your site is country-specific and you only want deals for the US or UK. We can help with that!

If you'd like to find niche-specific programs, use our search filters to find the perfect fit. Filter by category and you can choose from programs that fall under apparel, electronics, house & home, and more!

You can also filter by:

  • Network - Search through the 19 networks and data sources we work with.

  • Agency - Managers of affiliate programs who can offer excellent support for you as an affiliate.

  • Primary Country - FMTC has feeds for the US, Canada, Australia & the UK.

  • Ship-To Country - The shipping options we have are to the US, UK, Canada, Australia & Worldwide.

You can also choose what merchants to display:

Deal Bank

With the Deal Bank, you can search through 200,000+ (and counting!) deals from 17,000+ merchants. There are multiple search options and you can even search for specific holiday deals under the category section.

Merchant Info

Once you've found a program to join, you're able to view their merchant profile page and learn more about them. Simply click on their name in the search results and you'll be redirected to their profile. Here you'll be able to see basic info such as their primary country, homepage URL, which network(s) they're on, and if they allow deeplinking.

Some merchants will even have extra information such as commission rate, contact info, program description, and terms & restrictions. Once you've learned more about the program, you can click on the join link next to the network info and you'll be able to sign up for their program.

Agency Directory

Advertisers - Are you looking for an outsourced program manager to handle your affiliate program? Peruse through our list of OPMs and view details on their profile pages. Just click on their name to view all the information they've provided. You can access the link to their site, their social media pages and also see which programs they manage. Some provide contact information so feel free to reach out to them if you'd like more information.

Additional Toolkit Features

  • Automated relationship tracking - Our system will automatically check if you're joined to a program for any network you're working with and you'll see your status displayed.

  • YOUR links for each program - Each link will be customized using your affiliate ID so you can easily copy and paste them.

  • Logos and screenshots for each program - Pick up images to use for promotions.

  • Deep Link Builder - Create a link to any page that you want to send your visitors to.

  • Ability to "star" merchants - Bump your favorite merchants' deals to the top of the deal bank so you don't have to search for them.

  • Deal alerts - You'll receive a deal alert email with promotions from your starred merchants.

View more info on each of these features on our Publisher Toolkit info page.

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