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Adding Merchants to Feeds

We recommend letting us do the work for you by getting MerchantSync set up to automatically add and remove merchants to your feed (MerchantSync); however, you can also manually select merchants to be included in your feed.

There are two main ways to choose a merchant to be included in your feeds:

  1. Navigate to Relationships --> Manage Merchants here. From there you can search for a specific merchant, by networks, categories, country, etc. If you find a merchant you want to add to your feed simply click the box to 'Include' them. You can always un-click that box if you don't want to include them anymore.

  2. Navigate to Links & Tools --> Directory here. From here you can find a merchant, click on them, then click the box to 'Include' them.


  • Remember that you have to be approved for a merchant in the affiliate network in order to earn commissions from affiliate links for that merchant.

  • Also, remember to add your Network ID for the network that the merchant is from so you can make sure your affiliate links will work and be monetized. More information on adding your Network ID into FMTC.

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