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Japan-headquartered Rakuten Advertising has about 1,800 merchants in FMTC. According to Crunchbase, the company was founded in New York in 1996 as LinkShare. Japan-based Rakuten bought LinkShare in 2005.

Links / Social

FMTC Integration Status

  • Parsers

  • MerchantSync

  • FreshReach®

  • Product Feed

Finding your Network ID

The Site ID listed in the upper right corner of the Rakuten Advertising Admin is NOT your Publisher ID

  • Log into

  • Click on the Links in the horizontal main menu

  • You should see a list of the advertisers you have joined, click on the first one

  • In the left menu under Links by Type, click on Text/Email

  • You should now see a list of links

If you do not see any text links try either go back to step 3 OR go back to step 4 and use a different type of link (i.e. Banner Link )

  • Click the Get Link button on the far right of the first link listed

  • A new page should pop up. In the text box at the bottom of it you should see an example link for this merchant formatted similarly to the example below

    • Use the ID after the id= , as highlighted in red

Link Structures

Last Updated: 01/06/2021
For questions and additional information, please contact the network.





This is a unique 11-character code that identifies which Publisher a click came from. It is case-sensitive and can be found in any of your links.


The ID of the advertiser whose site you are creating a link to. This can be found in the Publisher Dashboard by clicking Programs > My Advertisers and then clicking the advertiser's log and Advertiser Info at left.


The URL where your site visitors will be taken. The special characters in this URL must be URL-encoded.


An optional parameter. Signature Publishers use this to track sub-sites and members.

Values are required for id, mid, and murl. If values are not passed for these parameters, your deep link will direct to an error page.

Some advertisers limit deep linking. We suggest testing your deep links to make sure they go to the intended page. If your deep link is redirected to the advertiser's home page, it means that this advertiser does not allow deep linking to the page in the murl= parameter.

Reference: Deep Linking Structure: Creating Tracking Links Outside the Publisher Dashboard – Publisher Help Center (

URL Structures

For all links here, across all networks, the "%" is a placeholder, matching 0 or more characters. It's typically the value of a URL parameter, and is also used in "http%://" to indicate that both "http" and "https" are possible.







Additional Resources

Please visit Deep Linking Structure: Creating Tracking Links Outside the Publisher Dashboard – Publisher Help Center ( for more information.

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