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Request A Merchant

FMTC currently provides data for over 17,000 affiliate programs and 200-400 new programs every month. Our goal is to provide the most reliable links, coupons, deals, and data for the most trustworthy merchants available. We welcome suggestions for new merchants and, whenever possible, we will add requested merchants to our database. If you would like to request a merchant, please look over the guidelines below to ensure the merchant you are requesting meets our criteria.

FMTC Merchant Guidelines

  • Merchant must have an affiliate program on a network we support.

  • Merchant must be willing to work with coupon, loyalty, and deal sites.

  • Merchant must have a decent EPC rating at the network (unless the program is new).

To Request a Merchant:

  • Search by merchant name and/or network ID on the Manage Merchants page to make sure the program is not already supported.

  • Submit the merchant name as it appears at affiliate network, along with their network and network ID, here.

  • One of our Client Services Managers will respond with the status on your request..

Adding a Store FMTC Cannot Support

Occasionally, you might want to add a store that FMTC does not support. You can do this on the Exclusive Merchants page under the Exclusive Data tab. You are responsible for manually updating coupons and deals for your exclusive merchants. More information about this feature can be found here.

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