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Deal Feed

Explore Information about the FMTC Deal Feed. Please refer any general questions regarding the Deal Feed and/or this documentation to your Account Manager or

Feed Management

Feed Management

Tips for how to manage your FMTC data feed.


Categories List

FMTC Category information. All of the categories that are used within the FMTC system.

Deal Types

Deal Types List

FMTC Deal Types infromation. All of the deal types that are used within the FMTC system.


Network Lists

FMTC Network LIst. All of the networks that exist within FMTC.

Request A Merchant

Request A Merchant

FMTC has thousands of merchants already in our system. What happens if one doesn’t exist? This goes through the process of getting the merchant you want in FMTC.

Local Deal Merchants

Local Deal Merchants

FMTC also has Local Merchants in our system, which shows deals that are specific to certain areas to give you a more selective set of deals.

Local Deal Regions

Local Deal Regions

FMTC has local deals and this will show the regions of how these deals can be classified.

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