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FMTC has partnered with Skimlinks to provide our clients with more monetization options. If you would like data for merchants you have not joined or have not been approved for, you can use Skimlinks' revshare program to earn commissions on sales generated by your website.

First, you will need to create an account at Skimlinks. Once you are approved, provide FMTC with your Skimlinks SiteID on the Skimlinks page of your FMTC admin panel. Tick the box to enable Skimlinks, enter your Skimlinks SiteID, then click the Save button. Your FMTC feed will now include a field that contains a Skimlinks URL for every merchant you select and every deal we provide.

TIP: Your Skimlinks SiteID can be found on the Account Page in the Skimlinks admin.

To verify an FMTC program is supported by Skimlinks, log in to your Skimlinks account and go to the Merchant look-up page. You can also filter to view Skimlinks supported merchants on the Manage Merchant page or reference the skimlinksids field in your Deal Feed. In the feed, that value will be left blank if the merchant is not supported by Skimlinks. If a merchant is not supported by Skimlinks, you will not receive commissions for sales, but the links will still load properly to the merchant/offer.

Skimlinks Autopilot will automatically populate the affiliate URL fields with a Skimlinks URL if you are not approved for a program you have selected. This eliminates the need for extra programming on your site to determine which link to use and allows you to seamlessly use a combination of affiliate links and Skimlinks URLs.

Skimlinks Autopilot will only work if you are using MerchantSync. Documentation on MerchantSync can be found here.

After you set up MerchantSync, you will need to grant our system permission to allow Skimlinks Autopilot on a per network basis. This can be done on the Skimlinks page. If you do not have Network IDs for all of the networks we support, you can leave the ID field blank and rely on Skimlinks Autopilot to provide you with a monetized link.

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