To set up Rakuten Advertising MerchantSync in FMTC, log in to FMTC and go to Relationships --> Merchant Sync (or just log in and click here) and click on 'Rakuten Advertising’ and then click ‘authenticate with rakuten’:

You will then see the screen below. You will need to fill in all five fields, as outlined below:

Directions on how to get the Client ID, Client Secret, Rakuten Site ID, Rakuten Username and Rakuten Password below:

Consumer Key and Consumer Secret: 

  • Log in to this page with your Rakuten Advertising login credentials.

  • Go to Account → Applications

  • Then choose ‘Add Applications’ and name that ‘FMTC Merchant Sync’.

  • The next page that comes up will give you the Client ID and Client Secret that you can copy and paste into the FMTC interface. 

Rakuten Site ID: 

  • The Rakuten Site ID is located in the upper right corner when you log in to the Rakuten Advertising interface here

Rakuten Username and Password: 

  • The Rakuten Username and Password are what you use to login to the Rakuten interface here

  • *Note: We do NOT store your password on FMTC servers.